Fire Sprinkler Systems Dayton OH

Fire Sprinkler Systems Dayton OH

Fire Sprinkler Systems Dayton

Accurate Fire Audio Video Security LTD of Dayton Ohio offers a full range of fire extinguishers and fire suppression systems.  Including fire Sprinklers for restaurants and commercial businesses in Dayton Ohio.

Historically they have been used in factories and large commercial building,  but now you can find them in every type of retail store, small building, and homes.  A fire sprinkler system is the most cost effective way to protect your assets in your business or home.  It has been determined that many fires are controlled by fire sprinklers alone.  No longer can you just depend on the fire department to show up quickly and control the fire.  You need a fire sprinkler system to stop the fire immediately.

State and County building codes and regulations require fire sprinklers that places of assembly, generally over 100 persons.  Additional business places that are required to have fire sprinklers include overnight sleeping accommodations such as hotels, nursing homes, dormitories and hospitals are required sprinklers either under local building codes.

If you are one of these businesses that needs fire sprinkler systems, or if you need annual inspections,  ACCURATE is the name you need to know.  ACCURATE is very happy to answer any questions you may have regarding fire sprinklers and will give you a custom quote.

For Fire Sprinklers in Dayton OH call Accurate Fire Audio Video Security LTD.

Fire Sprinkler Inspection Dayton OH

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Residential Fire Sprinklers Dayton OH

Residential Fire Sprinklers Dayton Ohio

Residential Fire Sprinklers 

Residential Fire Sprinklers – These are great residential fire sprinklers.  The Flat-Plate concealed Pendent Sprinklers come in standard white or custom colors.  They are proven to product less water damage than the fire department water when they put a fire out.  These fire sprinklers are very concealed behind a flat plate.  They are easy to install in a new constructed home.  They can also be installed in an existing home.

Residential fire sprinklers save lives and property.  People in homes with sprinklers are protected against significant property loss. Sprinklers reduce the average property loss by 70 percent per home fire.  The U.S. Fire Department responded to an estimated average of 365,000 homes structure fires in 2012.  These fires caused 2,380 civilian fire deaths, 12,875 civilian fire injuries and $7 billion in direct damage.  

Did you know that your homeowners insurance may give you a discount for having residential fire sprinklers.  Be sure to ask your insurance company.  They also offer Sprinkler ” Leakage” Coverage. The presence of a residential sprinkler system may raise concern about the risk of accidental water leakage from the system. Individual insurer programs may provide variation to this coverage.

If you are interested in a custom quote for Residential Fire Sprinkler give us a call.

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